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Sustainable cities are ones that balance social and economic needs with the protection of the environment and climate change leadership. The City of North Vancouver has made great progress on both creating more livable and green public spaces, and on higher level actions that reduction greenhouse gas emissions. 

By prioritising actions that create more opportunities for active transportation, community gathering and engagement, and sustainable energy solutions, we can create a North Vancouver that is more resilient, healthier and happier for all.

The City of North Vancouver must also show leadership in supporting clean tech and green job growth. Our economy is changing, moving away from the resource sector focus of the past to one that is more high tech and diverse. North Vancouver must work with neighbouring municipalities to ensure the North Shore supports innovation, entrepreneurship and clean job growth.

Urban and land use planning is the most important tool cities have. I will advocate for more public spaces and green spaces, improved walking and cycling infrastructure, safe routes to school, energy efficiency building code standards and tools to increase our number of green jobs.

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