About Me

 I'm proud to be a City of North Vancouver Councillor, and currently serving on the Boards of the North Vancouver City Library, North Vancouver Community Arts Council, and the Lonsdale Energy Corporation, as well as being a member of the City's Advisory Planning Committee, the Climate and Environment Task Force, and a member of the Metro Vancouver Climate Action Committee. 
For the past fifteen+ years I've worked in leadership positions advocating for change on sustainability issues, working to move the public and private sectors, and individuals from awareness to action. This has included positions as Executive Director and Board Director of clean energy and community non-profits and volunteering with local organizations.

I have lived in the City of North Vancouver since 2006, now raising my girls here and doing my part to contribute to a thriving community. Outside of City Hall, I currently work as the BC Regional Organizer of the Community Climate Hubs initiative of Climate Reality Canada, I'm on the Board of Nestworks, and on the PAC Executive at my daughters' school.