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Council Appointments and Committee Memberships:

  • Climate and Environment Task Force (Chair)

  • Lonsdale Energy Corporation Board of Directors

  • City of North Vancouver Library Board of Directors

  • North Van Arts Council Board of Directors 

  • Advisory Planning Committee

  • Metro Vancouver Climate Action Committee

Additional Memberships and Appointments:

  • Lower Mainland Local Government Association Executive Board

  • BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council

  • Climate Caucus Board of Directors

Notices of Motion:

  • Climate Action (Update of GHG emissions targets and creation of the Climate and Environment Task Force.)

  • Smoking Bylaw Update (ban on smoking and vaping in parks and plazas)

  • Council Meeting Child Minding 

  • Priority AAA Mobility Corridors

  • Alternate Response Plan for RCMP Wellness Checks

  • St. Andrew's 30 km/hr Speed Limit Pilot

  • Ban of Anticoagulant Rodenticide

  • Declaration of National Opioid Public Health Emergency

  • Climate Resiliency Funding

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