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Affordability is a complex issue facing many communities today, one that determines whether we can have a high quality of life and ensure our children will as well. Making North Vancouver more affordable for all will be a tough challenge, and requires creative and progressive solutions for housing and transportation.

The City of North Vancouver has a diverse population and is becoming a more and more desirable place to live, work and play. We must work collaboratively to ensure that all citizens have access to essential services such as health care, child care and community resources. We must also work with all levels of government to ensure housing and transportation options are available and affordable.

Thanks to the hard work of INSTPP, we now have meaningful research and recommendations on how to get people moving on the North Shore. The new Mayors and Council must commit to moving these recommendations into action, thinking carefully of short-term, medium-term and long-term changes.

Traffic and affordability is being made worse by the lack of housing units and options. We need more rental units, more non-marketing housing, and more shelter and transition spaces. Some of this can be achieved by the City, but meeting our housing needs will require collaboration and commitment from the provincial and federal governments.

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